Snow Burial

Chicago Post-Metal

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Holy shit! We're doing it!

Thanks to the kindness and help of many folks we have booked a UK tour!  In January we are going to cross an ocean to go make a lot of noise all over the country.  Truly making a dream happen, here.  We are all SUPER excited to announce this and cannot wait to get out there and start melting faces.

Monday, January 16: Nottingham, @Angel Microbrewery

Tuesday, January 17: London, @Underworld opening for Mirrors for Psychic Warfare (!!!)

Wednesday, January 18: Plymouth, @Underground

Thursday, January 19: TBA

Friday, January 20: Blackburn, @St. Napier

Saturday, January 21: Bristol, @Mother's Ruin

(Event invites, other bands, etc are all forthcoming)